Thursday, July 5, 2012

Graduation Quilt

I have a strict policy of not posting photos of my handmade gifts online until the recipient has seen the finished item.  So this Graduation gift for my niece is making its blog debut 2 months after she actually graduated.

The quilt was made from 5 antique butterfly blocks that I purchased online.

The butterflies were made of two different fabrics for the wings and black embroidery for the body and antennae.  The fabric appear to be 60s style.

I took the blocks to a fabric store and selected some complimentary fat quarters.  I then set them with alternating four patch blocks.

I created borders by cutting strips of the remaining fabric and stitching them to solid borders of pilot blue.

I then used a complimentary fabric as an outer border.  Even though the printed design is reminiscent of crewel embroidery, the colours harmonize with the modern fabrics for a pleasing final effect.

A wonderful local quilter named Debbie Reed quilted the lovely butterfly design.

I finally bound the quilt using the remaining strips of the block and border fabrics in a 1/4 inch cross grain binding.  This tutorial from Connecting Threads shows the technique used.