Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's talk about layers

Crazy Quilting, like a lot of things, is about layers.  A layer of fabric is covered by a layer of embroidery, which is in turn covered by a layer of embellishments.  You can't skimp on the layers.

The block below is a great example.  The coloured fabric was pieced onto a stabilizing base (Layer 1).  Each of the seams was covered in some way. The upper left diagonal seam and the lower right diagonal seam had a trim tacked to them (Layer 2).  The trim was then covered with embroidery(Layer 3) and beading (Layer 4).

In the upper right hand corner, embroidered leaves surround a purple button.  In the lower right, a purple ribbon is held down with seed beads.

These layers give depth to the block.

Purple and Green block


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