Saturday, March 10, 2012

While it's cloudy out....

I sew and I have been very productive over the last few days!
Here are some more crazy quilt blocks for the CJQP 2012.
March CQJP 2012
Sometimes when I make a crazy quilt block, it's hard to stop it looking like a log cabin block with lace and embroidery added.  So to avoid that look on this block, I added a circular crocheted motif.  I used beads on the circle and embroidered the center with a matching cotton perle.  I used trefoil long tail chain stitch groups to extend the shape over several different fabrics.  The effect is less linear then just using straight laces along the seams.

Attaching crocheted motifs to fabric and then adding beads is something I have been teaching for a couple of years in my "fabric postcard" classes.  I was lucky enough to get a shoebox full of old, unfinished crochet projects on ebay for only a few dollars.  
Here is a yellow and green postcard I use as an example.

Fabric Postcard from 2011 class
The crochet motif was unfinished and so I added embroidery and beading to extend the shape into the space.

This is the "Easter" block of the month which has an unfortunate flash reverb.
The most interesting feature is the extension of the spring blossom branches into the surrounding fabrics.  I embroidered pink flowers and green leaves over an existing floral lace.
April CQJP 2012 block
This block is a different size to the previous CQJP 2012 blocks.  I miscut the foundation fabric and decided just to "roll with it".  I cut another foundation larger and so the finished product will still be square.

With all this sewing going on, my children became very interested.  I can unveil my daughter's first crazy quilt block.  She calls it "free quilting" and I like that name.
India's first crazy quilt block


  1. Thank you for taking time to comment on my own CQJP landscape block. Your positive comment is very encouraging and motivating. I have taken time, finally, to post the details of how I made the last 2 blocks on my own blog at if you would like to check that out. Your own work is very nice and I am so happy to see you are getting your daughter involved in needlework. I am all about keeping needlework alive through sharing stitches.

    Hugs, Shari in Colorado